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Our Story

DCAC Media Group boasts over 15 years of combined experience in the dynamic realm of marketing and entertainment. Our dedicated team is passionate about crafting high-quality marketing campaigns that not only capture attention, but also leave a lasting impact. With a specialized focus on the entertainment industry, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities it presents, allowing us to tailor our strategies to deliver exceptional results.


At DCAC Media Group, we are not just marketers; we are storytellers, creators, and advocates for the world of entertainment, and we are committed to helping our clients shine in the spotlight.

Amalfi Silverio 

Managing Partner

Amalfi  is a digital marketing professional with over a decade of expertise in the field. As the Managing Partner at DCAC, she brings her wealth of experience to the forefront, driving strategic initiatives and innovative solutions.  She's  a trusted leader in the industry, guiding organizations towards success through her dynamic and forward-thinking approach.

Christian Ramirez

Managing Partner

Christian is a creative producer with over two decades of experience in the music entertainment industry. As a managing partner at DCAC, he has contributed significantly to the industry's innovation and success. He's expertise and creative vision have fueled collaborations and projects that redefine music and entertainment.

Milton Moreira

Head of Video Production 

Milton Moreira is a highly skilled professional with a decade of experience in the video and photography industry. Currently serving as the Head of Video Production at DCAC, Milton is known for his creative prowess and exceptional storytelling abilities. His extensive background in visual media has allowed him to spearhead innovative projects. 

Our Team

Discover our talented team of over 20 experts, specializing in project management, digital marketing, publicity, digital production, advertising, content creation, video content, event marketing, event production, and creative partnerships.

Our Approach

At DCAC, we blend creative vision, technical excellence, and client collaboration to deliver innovative and impactful video and photography productions. Our commitment to quality, ethical responsibility, and staying at the forefront of industry trends drives our success in creating captivating content.

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